Buying Process

As a buyers agent, we represent the buyer, not the seller.  We provide you tools to help you better understand the financial and administrative details involved in acquiring and financing the home you want.

As your exclusive buyer agent, Bento Real Estate Group can safely navigate you through the entire buying process from initial search to closing.   We are dedicated to helping our clients efficiently search for a home, negotiate best strategy for submittin an offer, preparing for a home inspection & how to prepare for closing.


  1. Buyers agent presents a written offer which includes copy of a deposit check, typically $1000 and buyers pre-approval letter.  We negotiate the terms of the offer with the listing agent, who works for the seller.  We pride ourselves in being great negotiators.
  2. Once the offer is accepted and signed by both parties, the next step is to have a home inspection (usually within 7 days from the accepted offer date), optional but always recommended. We are happy to recommend a few experienced home inspectors and set up an appointment for you as part of our service to you.
  3. The Purchase and Sales agreement (P&S) is a more detailed contract between the buyer and the seller.  It is typically created by the seller attorney and given to the buyer’s attorney to review and negotiate favorable terms.
  4. Once the P&S agreement is finalized, it is signed by buyer and seller.  The buyer also provides a second deposit when the P&S is signed, typically the balance of 5 percent of the purchase price ($1,000 was made at the time of the offer). The two deposits are held in escrow until the closing by the listing office.
  5. The fully signed P&S is then sent to the buyer’s mortgage company and the mortgage company begins their work to ensure the mortgage commitment date is met.
  6. The closing usually takes place at the Registry of Deeds in the county where the property is located. The buyers, attorneys & agents meet to sign mortgage paperwork and the new ownership is recorded. The keys are given to buyer and you are now a new home owner.  Also, on the closing date, or the day before, the buyer will complete a walk through to make sure nothing unexpected has happened to the property and all personal property have been removed.

We attend all inspections and we’ll assist with any closing details & walk through.  When you choose the Bento Real Estate Group as your buyer agent, we make sure you get the best price and terms and ensure a smooth transaction.

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