Mortgage Rates

Your mortgage rate will greatly impact your home purchase. A high rate will increase your monthly home payments drastically, so it's important to find the lowest rate possible. Our real estate agents are experts in helping buyers find excellent Boston real estate mortgages. For current mortgage rates and payments go to Bank Rates.

A low rate can be attained in a number of different ways, and excellent rates are reserved for people who are considered "well-qualified" buyers. These individuals have a low debt-to-income ratio, a steady-paying job, and an excellent credit score. Generally, lenders will give low rates to people who have a credit score of 700 or higher. First-time home buyers, retired individuals, and other home buyers may also qualify for low rates.

By improving your credit rating, increasing your down payment, and securing a well-paying job, your rate can become lower.  Use our mortgage calculator below to prepare for a home purchase by gaining a monthly estimate (you will need to know your current mortgage rate to do this). You can also contact a mortgage professional.