Guide to Selling Your Home

Our exclusive marketing plan is designed to maximize the exposure needed to sell your property at the maximum sales price within the shortest amount of time. Maximum exposure to the brokerage community will bring your property to the attention of the most serious and qualified potential buyers. Bento Real Estate promises to co-broke our exclusive sales listings to every residential brokerage company in the Greater Boston area.

If you decide to hire a full-service broker to sell your Boston home, Bento Real Estate Group has a network of highly-qualified brokers who can ensure your property sells quickly and for the highest price.

We’ve put together a short guide on selling your home:

Choose between a traditional broker, a discount broker, or selling your home yourself. A traditional broker will create a full marketing plan for you, and has a network of terrific exposure opportunities to help you sell your home as quickly as possible. While a traditional broker takes a small commission, you are completely relieved of the the headache and labor associated with selling your home.

Get your house ready to sell. This means making plumbing repairs, aesthetic improvements, replacing carpets, or any other ways to make your home more inviting and spotless. It is often very worth it to make these improvements yourself before selling your home, as you will be in a much stronger negotiating position when pricing your property.

Marketing your home. Working with a real estate agent, you can get your home listed on real estate networks online, as well as through other advertising means in print and online. Good real estate agents go beyond marketing your property on the surface, they work with their personal networks, meet people looking for homes through multiple means, and are totally dedicated to finding the perfect buyers for your home.

Showing your home. Working with a good real estate agent can help make your home more appealing to the right kinds of buyers when showing it, through aesthetic and environmental influences as well as speaking knowledgeably about the property and neighborhood.

Closing the deal. The real estate agent you work with can match your home with a qualified buyer, and handle the paperwork associated with transferring the property as well as giving you a much stronger position with negotiations due to their experience in the industry and region.